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Workholding Product Industry Originators with Steady Rest Technology

Workholding Tech

For almost 40 years, relying on our self-centering steady rest workholding products and technology is how in nearly every industry, our customers have been able to deliver the precision machining and durability they need. Our AUTO REST®, Turning AUTO REST®, TRUE-GRIP® and PARA-GRIP® provide dependable workholding solutions for engineers of every stripe in machine shops big and small throughout the United States and other nations. 

From cottage industries and barns turned machine shops, to Air Force hangers and hospitals, our innovations foster similar innovations for our partners one micron at a time. At the boundary-pushing edge of prototype development or no-margin-for-error custom machining, there’s our workholding product technology.

Creating a Standard in Steady Rest Technology

As industry originators, first opening our doors in 1982, Arobotech not only established the standard by which workholding technology should be judged, we’ve continued to advance that standard throughout the decades. 

Our steadies aren’t designed for a few fickle precision uses. While engineered to meet the exacting purposes of the world’s most precision-driven industries, our steadies also feature the rugged construction necessary for years of use in high-volume production.

Quality First Manufacturing

Because failure isn’t an option for our industrial partners, failure isn’t an option for us. That’s why we prioritize quality above all else. All steady rest, grinding rest, and workholding technology components are designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house at our facility. We subject each and every one of our components to rigorous inspection before assembly. 

Each of our finished workholding products receives a final inspection before it’s allowed to leave our facility, with all critical sizes measured and confirmed against the specs of our engineers and our customers’ unique specifications. We also test and certify the performance of each of our products, ensuring that each steady rest is up to our standards before it's shipped to you to ensure we meet your standards.

Serving Your Industry

The versatility, quality, and customization of our workholding tech contribute to ideal usage in numerous industries around the globe. Where lives depend on machine parts CNC-ground within crucial microns, you’ll find Arobotech steadies.

You’ll find our technology in the following industries (and more):

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Small engine components
  • Energy

Our steady and grinding rests provide improved cycle times, the precision fabrication required for surgical equipment, and can even give back by manufacturing new, customized components for CNC machines in every industry. In short, Arobotech’s workholding technology earns its way in happy homes across a variety of vital, American and international industries.

Precision Machining Products

While innovating classic products and preparing to release newer workholding tech, Arobotech can also design products to your specifications and purposes. But after nearly 4 decades, our upgraded, mainstay products are still in-demand across too many industries to count.

Our current product lineup has been honed and optimized to assist our industrial partners with the following: 

Depending on your purposes, you’ll find a product featuring arm retraction, self-centering, multi-axis centerline adjustment, position feedback sensors, side, and lower mountings - all utilizing our patented, sliding wedge design (among numerous other features). Each of our products is engineered to help you engineer at the finest levels for greater precision, ease of use, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Workholding Solutions

In every successful endeavor, there are originators and the rest. At Arobotech, we’ve maintained a clear vision for our product line and close ties with our industrial partners, considering their feedback and encouraging dialogue to innovate and improve the workholding solutions that our demanding partners need.

Learn more about our current product lineup and keep up to date with new offerings. When success and failure hinge on microns, trust the originators—trust Arobotech.  

Serving your industry and others with steady rest workholding technology.

Our commitment to quality, precision workholding design, and durability combine to create the ideal machining assistant for your industry. Whether you’re machining customized aerospace components or grinding a new camshaft for an old tractor, Arobotech can help you meet and exceed your own exacting standards. To learn more, visit us or contact us online. To learn what we can do for your industry today, call (248) 588-9080.