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The Self-Centering Steady Rest Pioneer.

Grinding AUTO REST® offers
many benefits to part production:

Improve Roundness

Grinding AUTO REST® Follow Down feature maintains control of the workpiece through the complete grinding cycle. Out of balance parts, workdrivers and other outside influences are reduced for improved roundness.

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Grinding Auto Rest

Size and Vibration Control

Grinding AUTO REST® offers a dynamic platform to keep the part stable during the grinding process. This all but eliminates vibration and offers unprecedented size control. 

Improved concentricity

Grinding AUTO REST® Follow Down feature automatically compensates for over- and under-size parts to maintain center position. Concentricity is automatic.

Follow Down Feature

Improve cycle time

Our Follow Down feature maintains control of the workpiece through the complete grinding cycle. Workpiece stability offered by Grinding AUTO REST® often allows for more aggressive wheel infeed to reduce cycle time.

Reduce scrap

Grinding AUTO REST® reduces scrap by providing a precise, reliable support for the workpiece. Unwanted workpiece movement is eliminated. This is especially critical during late stage grinding after all the value has been added to the workpiece.

Grinding Auto Rest

Grind without a tailstock

Grinding AUTO REST® self-centering, three-point design encapsulates the workpiece to, in some cases, eliminate the need for a tailstock. This is especially helpful on ID / OD grinders or when the center drill is not true to the OD of the workpiece.

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