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Grinding AUTO REST® Advantage

Employee working with Grinding Auto Rest

Follow Down Grinding

The straight-line motion produced by our steady rest sliding wedge design gives Grinding AUTO REST® its precision self-centering capacity. This allows the Grinding AUTO REST® to support the workpiece at the point of grind. The dynamic self-centering ability compensates for the changing workpiece size to keep the part on center and under positive control throughout the grind cycle for precision manufacturing.

Precision Grinding with .001mm Repeatability

Precision Grinding with .001mm Repeatability

Each Arobotech Systems Grinding AUTO REST® must repeat within .001mm to pass our rigorous certification criteria for unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.

Employee working with Steady Rest

Our Steady Rests are Designed for Performance

Grinding AUTO REST® components are specifically designed to perform in the unforgiving, high volume production grinding environment. Materials, hardness, and fits are optimized to maintain function under the worst conditions of manufacturing. Our steady rest design (sliding wedge) uses large, flat bearing surfaces rather than pivots, cams, and other high wear points for quality and service life that outperforms any competitor.

Employees working with Custom Steady Rest Designs

Custom Steady Rest Designs to Support any Manufacturing Application

Arobotech has a ready-made, proven, solution from our 40-year library for just about any steady rest need. If not, our staff of full-time steady rest engineers have the experience and expertise to design a new model tailored to your specific project requirement.

Flexibility You Need to Manufacture Great Products

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Arobotech Systems, Inc. was founded in response to the need for improvement in workholding technology. From the beginning we have been dedicated to supplying simple, precise true-centering devices. In addition to the products shown on this website we have a 40 year library of ready-made solutions and an engineering staff available to design for your specific needs.

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Proud partners in cylindrical grinding since 1996.

Proven Technology,
World Class Service,
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See why we are the world’s leading manufacture of workholding technology.

  • 40 years of production and application knowledge
  • Repair and reconditioning capabilities
  • Industry world leader in quality standards
  • Custom solutions available

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