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Richard Lessway Founder and Chairman

Richard Lessway, Founder and Chairman

Our Purpose

Arobotech Systems, Inc. was founded by Richard J. Lessway in 1982 in response to the need for improvement in workholding technology. From the beginning we have been dedicated to supplying simple, precise true-centering devices. The products we’ve developed have been awarded a number of patents with others applied for and pending. Our dedication to research and development results in continuous product improvement and innovative new technology.

Arobotech Systems Grinding AUTO REST®, Turning AUTO REST®, TRUE-GRIP® and PARA-GRIP® offer unique solutions to positioning cylindrical parts for grinding, turning and general workholding. The sliding wedge design gives all of these products strength and rigidity for extraordinary accuracy and reliability.

All of these products are equally at home in production environments or on prototype machines. The rugged construction stands up to years of use in a high volume production environment. Ease of installation and alignment make changeover fast and painless.

Our Quality

Quality is our highest priority. All components are designed, manufactured and assembled in our facility using state of the art equipment. 100% of our components are subject to detailed inspection before assembly. Our commitment to quality is evident in the final inspection each finished product receives before it ships. All critical sizes and features are measured and confirmed against engineering drawings and customer specifications. Performance is also tested and certified to ensure each steady rest meets our exacting standards before it reaches your machine.

Arobotech Worker working with Steady Rest Technology

Arobotech Employee working with Steady Rest Technology

Our Commitment

Arobotech Systems is a full service company. Our relationship with the customer does not end at the point of sale and delivery. When you purchase an Arobotech product you gain not only a superior workholding device, but also many years of experience with workholding solutions. Arobotech offers full support of all of our products for their entire service life.

Our Employees

Arobotech Systems is committed to providing our employees a safe and stable work environment with opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are a cornerstone of our success. Through open, collaborative teamwork, we are committed to improving the effectiveness of our products and processes to maintain industry leading quality. Above all, we strive to treat one another with the same respect that our customers have come to expect after 40 years.

Arobotech Employee on the phone

Steady Rest Solutions for a
Wide Range of Industries

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Automotive Grinding Auto Rests


Arobotech products are critical in engine manufacturing. Our Grinding AUTO REST® is recognized as the industry standard allowing the highest quality with improved cycle times.



Our Grinding AUTO REST® has been widely used for precision manufacturing of a variety of aerospace components.

Defense Industry Airplane


The defense industry has long counted on Arobotech for accurate, reliable workholding solutions.

Manufacturing Grinding Auto Rest


Grinding AUTO REST® is used to manufacture components critical to the precision movement of CNC machines.

Surgical Equipment


Arobotech products have proved beneficial in the precision fabrication of surgical equipment.

Agriculture Machinery


Arobotech Grinding AUTO REST® and Turning AUTO REST® products are widely used to manufacture engine and other components.

Boats on the water


Grinding AUTO REST® precision and rigidity allows high quality with fast cycle times required when manufacturing small engine components.

Oil Exploration Production Equipment


Arobotech products have long been used in fabricating items needed for oil exploration and production.

Proven Technology,
World Class Service,
Innovative Solutions

See why we are the world’s leading manufacture of workholding technology.

  • 40 years of production and application knowledge
  • Repair and reconditioning capabilities
  • Industry world leader in quality standards
  • Custom solutions available

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