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Precision Engineering Requires a Steady Rest

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At Arobotech, our status as industry-originators and innovators contributes to a legacy of meeting and exceeding expectations. Industries the world over count our products to manufacture the components they need to change the world. But what if you’re just getting started in your industry and need a steady rest for precision engineering of your own? What if you don’t know what a steady rest is, how it works, or why you need one?

A steady rest is required for precision engineering because cutting metal produces tremendous forces that can vibrate or even bend the workpiece. Typically, a steady rest will be used to support a workpiece that is too long to be held by a chuck, collett or center alone. 

If you’re turning large, high precision workpieces on a lathe, steady rests are a must-have part of your setup. To ensure the quality and accuracy of your finished product, a steady rest prevents your lathe from sizable workpiece deflection. Let’s dive into the steady rest and explore its utility to you.

Is all steady rest technology the same?

Not all steady rest manufacturers implement the same level of rigor as Arobotech. Our technology must repeat and follow down within .001mm to pass our exacting certification criteria. Even under the worst conditions of manufacturing, our design is engineered to outperform any competitor. 

Precision machining requires precision steady rests, and at Arobotech, our pride is in our precision. We’re also happy to work to the demands and specifications of our clients, creating custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

What else are “Steady Rests” called?

Sometimes called a steady rest, a fixed steady rest, a center rest, or even sometimes a center rest, all terms refer to the workholding piece standing stationary on the bed to support the workpiece. In fact, because our technology stands alone in quality at such a high level, we’ve trademarked the term AUTO REST® because of the advantages it provides.

Workholding technology—no matter what it’s called—gives you the confidence to precision engineer parts and components for any application whatsoever. A wobbly, off-center, or under-performing piece of workholding tech can make all the difference between something that works and something that’s too many microns off to be of any service.

A marvel of precision steady rest engineering

Easy to say, but Incredibly difficult to achieve, and even more so to prove. Being the leader in steady rest workholding technology, means being able to back our claim up. On our workholding products page you’ll find detailed catalogs with full specs backing up our promise to you to be your best technology.

At Arobotech, we’re never content to rest on our laurels. That’s why we continue to engineer even better workholding solutions to fit your precise needs and numerous applications. If you missed it, last month’s focus was on how our new 5th Generation Grinding AUTO REST® moves the bar in the industry to an even higher standard with superior fine adjustment.

Best Steady Rest Companies 2022

In a world constantly trying to pitch us on value adds, it seems that value is getting even harder to find. At Arobotech, the quality we invest into each and every one of our steady rests is part of our commitment to providing you with real value. You're not only getting the highest precision steady rest technology in the industry, you’re getting the professional relationship through the process and our commitment to follow through.

To meet our commitment to quality, all components are designed, manufactured and assembled in our facility using state of the art equipment. 100% of our components are subject to detailed inspection before assembly. The quality is evident in the final inspection each finished product receives before it ships. All critical sizes and features are measured and confirmed against engineering drawings and customer specifications. Performance is also tested and certified to ensure each steady rest meets our exacting standards before it reaches your machine.

If you’re in need of precision-engineered, exactingly tested, and obsessively designed bit of workholding tech, look no further. Arobotech’s 5th Generation product lineup is the finest example we’ve ever produced, perfect for your industry and your own innovations.

We’ll hold it while you shape it to change the world—Arobotech 

Arobotech has a solution perfectly designed for your industry and your needs. From aerospace engineering to surgical tools, we can help you hold the parts you need to light a fire in your industry and change the world. Offering grinding rests for any application, Arobotech has the workholding solutions you need. To learn more, visit us or contact us online.