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Grinding AUTO REST® 101 - Product Spotlight

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At Arobotech, our Grinding AUTO REST® has a special place in our hearts. Built with precision, versatility, and to customer specifications, our Grinding AUTO REST® represents one of the most versatile and necessary pieces of workholding technology on the market today. Ideal for crankshaft grinding, O.D. grinding, miniature grinding, and tool grinding, our Grinding AUTO REST® can handle nearly anything you need it to.

But aside from its numerous applications, what makes the Grinding AUTO REST® different? What sets it apart?

Engineered for Success

Delivering top performance and precision begins with design. Long before our Grinding AUTO REST® is tuned to exacting client specifications, it’s engineered to meet and exceed our own expectations. Here’s how.


Each Arobotech Grinding AUTO REST® comes equipped with our original sliding wedge design, providing unparalleled clamping accuracy. Every single Grinding AUTO REST® that passes through our doors must repeat within .001mm during testing to clear our comprehensive certification process. 


Our sliding wedge design produces straight-line motion, creating the Grinding AUTO REST® self-centering function. This automatically centers any size workpiece within each model’s clamping range, providing ease, precision, and near-perpetual reliability.

Follow Down Operations

Our self-centering feature allows the part to be ground at the point of support. Grinding AUTO REST® automatically compensates for the changing part size to keep the workpiece on center throughout the entire grind cycle. 

Versatile Tooling Configurations

Our Grinding AUTO REST® models come with two key configuration options for wear pad mounting. Wear pads mounted directly to the arms offer the best value. Nest mounted pads offer more flexibility. Both options allow you to grind with accuracy and confidence.

Direct Mounted Pads

Our direct mounted pads for the Grinding AUTO REST® are ordered by set with three in each set. Each set number specifies the clamping range, but we’re always happy to provide offset and special pads to your customized specifications.

Nest Mounted Pads

Like our direct mounted pads, nest mounted pads for our Grinding AUTO REST® come in sets of three per set. Both the nest and pads can be ordered in offset and specialized varieties. We can also offer alternate angle center nests to meet your needs and further guarantee quality grinding. 

Quality Improvements & Benefits

At Arobotech, we understand that our customers’ needs come in all shapes and sizes. Accordingly, our Grinding AUTO REST® is built to adapt. We listen to our customers, understand their needs, and incorporate those needs as improvements and features across our product range.

Quality Improvements

Like our customers, we understand the grinding process and tune our products for quality improvements.

  • Improved Roundness - Our follow down feature supports the piece when being ground around the diameter
  • Size Control - By keeping the workpiece stable throughout the grind cycle, you can expect more accurate size control
  • Improved Concentricity - Our self-centering feature compensates for over- and under-sized parts automatically 

Additional benefits

To support skillful and decisive grinding throughout the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries (among others), our Grinding AUTO REST® features numerous quality-of-life improvements. Among them, you’ll find:

  • Scrap Reduction - By reliably holding the workpiece in place every time, there is a noticeable reduction in scrap
  • Cycle Time & Wheel Infeed - Our Grinding AUTO REST® is precise and reliable enough to improve cycle time and permit more aggressive grinding
  • No Tailstock Required - The Grinding AUTO REST® so accurately supports the weight of the workpiece, and the force applied to it, that it doesn’t require a tailstock
  • Applications - The Grinding AUTO REST® is available in models spanning 1 to 250mm in diameter
  • Built for Speed - By supporting the workpiece throughout the grind cycle, and managing weight and force, the Grinding AUTO REST® allows for quick change-over and maximum efficiency

Pride in Precision, From Our Industry to Yours

Through relentless design, constant improvement, an open mind, and the drive to adapt, we’ve curated the features and benefits of our Grinding AUTO REST® to support nearly every foreseeable application. Combined with our rigorous in-house testing criteria, our commitment to excellence and precision has resulted in a one-of-a-kind Grinding AUTO REST®, fit for duty in your industry and beyond.

To learn more about our Grinding AUTO REST®, or to order one customized to your needs, contact Arobotech online, or call (248) 588-9080 today.

Purpose Built to Handle The Grind - Arobotech’s AUTO REST®

At Arobotech, we’ve been on your side of the grind cycle. We delight in anticipating your needs, frustrations, wishes, and applications for our Grinding AUTO REST® and relish in building a product that we and you can be proud of. To learn more about our product lineup,  visit us online, or call us today at (248) 588-9080.