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Arobotech Will Attend GrindingHub in Stuttgart, Germany

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At Arobotech, we relish each and every opportunity to learn from our contemporaries within the grinding industry. We also delight in interacting with our customers on the global stage. Accordingly, we take every chance we can to mingle, learn, and educate at international trade shows far and wide. For those reasons (among countless others), we’re looking forward to attending the inaugural GrindingHub Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany on May 17-20, 2022. You can join us in Hall 7 - Booth 7A86.

Every exhibition, trade show, and gathering of industry minds presents new opportunities to learn from and collaborate with others. As the industry originator of go-to workholding technology across the USA and Germany (including our AUTO REST®, Turning AUTO REST®, TRUE-GRIP® and PARA-GRIP®), Arobotech will be joining other key industry innovators in Stuttgart this May.

We’re even more excited to attend the brand new GrindingHub trade show this year so that we can demonstrate our own cutting-edge, 5th Generation Grinding Auto Rest featuring Superior Fine Adjustment (SFA). If you haven’t already, head over to the tickets page for this year’s first ever GrindingHub in Stuttgart, Germany.

What is the GrindingHub Trade Fair?

Through a collaboration with industry innovators in Europe (including VDW, Swissmem, and Messe Stuttgart), the world’s first GrindingHub Trade Fair promises to add its name to a growing list of world gatherings within the grinding technology and superfinishing industries. Of special interest to Arobotech is the trade fair’s focus on grinding machines, tool grinding machines, and abrasives.

To better broadcast industry developments and vital trade fair exhibitions, GrindingHub has adapted a hybrid model for attendance. Throughout the show’s four days, digital learning opportunities will be offered to ticket holders for expanded understanding and learning. These web sessions will no doubt set GrindingHub apart in a field of rapidly expanding industry conventions.

International Partners 

Machining, engineering, and other precision industries have no native language or country of origin. Industry partners are making and innovating in nearly every country on the face of the Earth. So far, over 320 exhibitors from over 23 countries will attend this year’s first ever GrindingHub—a significant percentage of the largest players in the industry and world.

Arobotech will be among those international partners, displaying our own 5th Generation Grinding Auto Rest and talking shop with like-minded innovators. Among the topics of discussion, we’re looking forward to recent developments in e-mobility, digitalization and automation—key concepts at the heart of the grinding industry in 2022 and beyond.

See You in Stuttgart

Covering topics from OD Grinders to miniature grinding, tool grinding to our very own steady rest, we’ll be mixing and mingling in Stuttgart this May 17-20, 2022 in Hall7 - Booth 7A86. On the gorgeous green lawn of Rothaus Park in the heart of Messe Stuttgart, just near the A8 Autobahn, the largest players in our industry will gather to celebrate our collective contributions and the ongoing pursuit of precision perfection.

Arobotech will be there, and we hope to see you too.

Join Arobotech for GrindingHub in Stuttgart, May 17-20, 2022 

No one company, brand, or workholding tool succeeds in a vacuum. Our industry thrives with collaboration and education, including at events just like GrindingHub in Stuttgart, Germany. If you’re planning to attend and would like to stop by to say hello, visit us or contact us online. New and old customers alike can reach us for custom orders, further information, or GrindingHub details at (248) 588-9080 today.