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Another Name for Precision: The Arobotech Grinding AUTO REST®

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The right tool is worth its weight in gold. When precisely engineered, durably made, and reliably used, a good tool can even take on the reputation of a trusted friend or family dog. It’s not going too far to say that a good tool can make us downright emotional. But before the bonding begins, the right tool for your purposes still has to be made.

At Arobotech, we’re as attached to our Grinding AUTO REST® as our customers get to their own creations. We know the pain of a last-minute slip or a jump in the drill and how much anguish it causes to scrap the whole tool when a vee cradle lets you down again. 

To reduce waste and create precision tools for your industry, you need a responsive, adjustable, and customizable partner throughout the tool grinding process. The best answer for the tool of your dreams is the tool of ours: the Arobotech Grinding AUTO REST®.

Reliably Precise: Arobotech’s Grinding AUTO REST®

Over the last 40 years, we’ve documented and engineered against nearly every possible common misstep  throughout the tool grinding process. Our Grinding AUTO REST® represents decades of trial, error, learning, and evolution. 

As an industry originator, Arobotech feels a responsibility to demonstrate the ultimate utility of our AUTO REST® solutions. To that end, we’re confident that our newest model encapsulates the best of the best. Here’s how.

Tool Grinding Repeatability

Manufacturing the perfect tool on the first try and without any workholding technology is either a feat or a fluke. For most of us, the wasted hours and piles of high speed steel stack up. Even if you manage to make a precision tool on the first pass, how easily can you repeat that accomplishment? Unless you were aiming for a one-off, you might be in the weeds.

Our Grinding AUTO REST® ensures .001mm repeatability from one tool to the next version of the same. For the medical industry especially, this repeatability and precision permit the near flawless creation of fit-for-purpose implements.

Tool Grinding Security

Without a support rest of some kind, your vee cradle can only do so much. Noble as they are, vee cradles have their limits. By putting a little extra security in place to keep your workpiece steady, you’re not only ensuring precision, but limiting waste as well. 

To safeguard against movement, our automatic, self-centering Grinding AUTO REST® surrounds the drill or likewise workpiece. Over-center side pads pull the workpiece toward the center pad while leaving enough clearance for flute grinding. With a secure hold, you can grind more aggressively for reduced cycle times, less scrap, and higher quality overall.

Tool Grinding Customization 

As a ready, set, grind product, our Grinding AUTO REST® commands precision though a host of intelligent features, including:

  • .001mm Repeatability
  • 2-Axis Micro Centerline Adjustment
  • Arm Retraction for Loading Clearance
  • Clamp size down to 1mm
  • Position Feedback Sensors
  • Hydraulic Operation
  • Pneumatic Operation
  • Optional Side Mount Cylinder

While these aspects make it fit for nearly any job, we’re also happy to customize a Grinding AUTO REST® to your specifications. With over a dozen models to choose from, straight from our shop in Madison Heights, MI, you have plenty of choices to fit your needs. But when grinding the exact tool to match your exact purposes, some customization may be par for the course. 

Our engineers will work with you to assess your needs down to the same .001mm of repeatability to create a custom Grinding AUTO REST® for your bespoke purposes. 

Save Time, Spare Waste, & Grind Reliably with Arobotech

From agriculture to aerospace, energy to national defense, our workholding technology is crafting precision tools for industries far and wide. When working in the finest tolerances or sweating the smallest differences in 200 of the exact same pieces, trust Arobotech’s Grinding AUTO REST® to save you time, scrap, and frustration. 

At Arobotech, as in your own industry, we believe that there’s no such thing as going too far in pursuit of the perfect tool. Let us assist you in the creation of your perfect tool today.

Repeatability, Security, and Customization: Our Grinding AUTO REST® 

You can’t trust an off-the-shelf tool to do the job. Don’t trust an off-the-shelf vee cradle to hold your workpiece securely in place. When precision matters, when time is precious, when scrap is aggravating, and when repeatability counts, you need Arobotech’s  Grinding  AUTO REST®. For more information about performance or customization to your needs, call us at (248) 588-9080 today.