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A Tool For Every Industry - Arobotech Workholding Solutions

Workholding Tech

All across the world, men and women in some of the most demanding industries are working tirelessly to innovate, improve, and get the job done. At Arobotech Systems, we know the satisfaction of a hard day’s work and how the right tool can make or break that work. That’s why we pour so much energy into listening to our customers, so that we can create the right tool for your job.

As an originator of premier steady rest workholding solutions—such as our AUTO REST, TRUE-GRIP and others—Arobotech fosters innovation in many of the world’s greatest industries. From designing the next generation of military aircraft to assisting manufacturers with the smallest details on a state-of-the-art tractor, we’re there in the shop with you where you need us most.  

Here’s how Arobotech helps some of the world’s most vital industries, including yours.

Automotive Workholding

The average combustion engine features over 200 distinct components. But sometimes, replacement parts phase out of manufacturing or simply aren’t available. In cases such as these, the parts we need are better manufactured in our own shops and to our own specifications. 

Whether you’re repairing, upgrading, or designing new automotive components, Arobotech’s grinding rest, steady rest, and other automotive workholding solutions can give you the reliability you need to impose your precision dreams on any automotive part—new, old, or created by you. 


The aerospace and defense industries operate somewhere between the possible and impossible, drawing on what’s been achieved to create something completely revolutionary. Big dreams usually require big engineering, and Arobotech is here to help those dreams become reality.

When it comes to creating one-off or other novel components for some of the most complicated machinery on Earth, our workholding solutions provide the constant precision our aerospace and defense partners demand. When a micron stands between abject failure and the next generation of defensive technology, trust Arobotech to get the job done.


When lives are at stake, the old saying rings truer than ever: measure twice, cut once. Arobotech’s partners in the medical industry have spent their professional lifetimes focusing every ounce of their attention down at the point of a scalpel. Such exactitude deserves a tool equally devoted to the smallest details of engineering.

Meticulous work requires meticulous tools, and those tools require Arobotech’s workholding solutions. Parts can be remade, but we only get one chance to save a life or operate at potentially lethal margins. That’s why our medical partners trust Arobotech’s product line when creating, modifying, or enhancing their tools of the trade. 


Our farmers commit themselves to exacting work day in and day out. Accordingly, their equipment has to be as honed and precise as the farming operations themselves. When equipment is used to tend dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of acres, any defect or misalignment is duplicated on the scale of miles.

Arobotech workholding technology is trusted by agricultural equipment manufacturers across the world. Our workholding tech empowers manufacturers to achieve the smallest—and most crucial—details in the equipment our farmers use to put food on our tables.

Serving You

In addition to these industries, Arobotech provides reliable tooling for machining in the marine, energy, and manufacturing industries and countless others. At the end of the day, we are a world of makers, and Arobotech prides itself on delivering what each and every industry needs, going so far as to create solutions to your individual specifications.

Whatever your industry, whatever the job, whatever the tool, Arobotech delivers. Learn more about our current workholding product lineup and keep up to date with new offerings. If your industry needs a custom solution, we can do that too. We’re here to help you get your job done so that you can rise to the top of your field—whatever it takes.

Serving your industry and countless others—Arobotech Systems

As industry originators, we’ve been often copied but never duplicated. Our workholding solutions inspired an industry of their own with plenty of players vying for the top spot. Arobotech has remained the gold standard precisely because of the dedication and trust from our industrial partners, including you. To learn how we can give you an edge in the shop and beyond, visit us or contact us online. If you need a solution tomorrow for a problem today, call (248) 588-9080 and put us on the case.